DJ Oni – EP 8

Be absorbed in the original worldview DJ Oni interweaves and the every happiness sense which lies in the inside with an atmosphere space seems sad somehow where, the masterpiece which should also be called an underground musical attraction.

” Page R” raises the curtain by the worldview which connects with film music and environment music, solidity and a magnificent string and leads us to the deep world.

The sequence progressing by a minor key cord stimulates a lachrymal gland, and the scene description I begin to walk to the shine seen far is possible easily. The certain forcefulness and Deep House/Techno fan which have no things which become staler would be included in DJ Set for long though they’re dance music.” Spiral” is a masterpiece in 2015.

Producer – DJ Oni
Mastered by – DJ Oni
© & ℗ Waveform Music Lab