Noginator was born and raised in Oita in the deep south of Japan.
He grew up under the influence of his audio geek father , listening to a variety of great music from classical to jazz, pop and rock. His DJ career began in his late teens when he came across 90’s club music.
In 1996 he moved to New York where he was lucky enough to work at those 90’s New York legacy clubs, like Tunnel, Webstar Hall and Liquid. His conga playing enabled him to join the local funk band, “New York Soul”, as the percussionist, playing many shows in down town Manhattan.
Next he took Afro –Caribbean and African Folklore music lessons from drum master, the late Mr Juma Santos, who had recorded on many legendary jazz albums like Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew”.
Following the 9-11 tragedy, Nogi returned to Japan. He lives in Tokyo with his wife and two children, working as sushi chef in one of Tokyo’s top restaurants.
He maintains his passion for ‘creating the track’.

オーディオマニアの父親からの影響で幼い時期から音楽と慣れ親しみ、10代の多感な時期にクラブミュージックとの出会いからDJ活動をスタート。1996年に渡米、webstarhall,tunnel,liquid,lifeなどのclubでdjを経験、またFunk Band “NYsoul”のメンバーとしてCongaを4年間担当。そしてマイルスデイビスの歴史的アルバム bitches brew でパーカッション、シェイカーを担当した故ジュマサントス氏に薫陶を受けて、アフロキューバン、アフリカンフォークロア等の音楽、リズム指導を受ける。