【release】DJ Oni – EP1

「DJ Oni EP」2014/09/30 リリース


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Track it down  Not To Touch – Original Mix

Track it down  Retouch – Original Mix

Traxsource Not To Touch – Original Mix

Traxsource  Retouch – Original Mix


The music made several years ago was brushed up.
It was making based on the concept “a light earnest for dark inside can be seen in the format which there is not least recently, there is not newly and is not influenced by the time.”
It may be for listening rather than dancing at a club.
I think whether to be an acoustic image which can be borne also at a club.
Although several years have passed with no opportunity to release, I had Waveform Music Lab gather,

From now on, it will release two music at a time at the lowest every month half a year.
foundations — four are struck, it comes out and BPM thinks that 130 takes the lead from 120.
Please look forward to it from now on also.


リリースする機会もないまま数年経っておりましたがWaveform Music Labさんに拾っていただき、しかもジャケットや型番などの我儘も聞いていただきました。ありがとうございます。


DJ Oni